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2013 Sessions

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 9:15-10:00 Video game testing in classes: Pyramid Balance Blogging for little people Easy/consistent differentiation Digital portfolios The PLN - what in the world? Are participatory learning spaces even possible in our schools? Grading - what's best for kids and teachers? Role of homework in today's classroom. Creating centers for big people
 10:00-10:45 My students have computers: is collaboration now gone? Teachers pay teachers: Creation/Selling Best web tools for classrooms How to transition high school students from lecture based learning in math to student-centered learning. What support do teachers need to integrate tech - really? What is iTunes U? Want to use comics in the classroom to bring in literacy? Student mastery model - how to make it work Closing the achievement gap strategies.
 10:45-11:30 Moving and motivating teachers into facilitator roles Multiple uses for class websites Is research dead? Gamifying learning iPod or tablets in the classroom Podcasting Literacy and technology "The Middle Door": Improving the teaching profession. Classroom management-how to deal with difficult behaviors
 1:00-1:45 Google Docs/Drive/Apps Digital learning environments  Free resources for better content creation What makes PD suck? Curation and building online collections Project-based learning Finding the "next big thing" Flipping the classroom Inspiring the intentional non-learner