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2012 Session Listing

 Room             Session 1 (9:30-10:20)         Session 2 (10:30 - 11:20)     Session 3 (1:00 - 1:50)
 Poe 209         Administrative expectations for teachers (McREL PDP)     How do you fully implement inquiry based learning (list of sources)  What is a list of recommended sites?     Digital Portfolios?  Best Practices?  Best Tools?
 Poe 211 Teacher expectations for admin? What are the the quickest ways to find funding to upgrade technology that needs to be serviced?     Creativity in the classroom supported by ed tools?
 Poe 214         What makes PD suck?  How do you improve it? What makes your process for Technology and Media Specialist integration?  How are your teachers integrating ITES, NETS, etc? What is a "flipped" classroom?  How do you do it?
 Poe 218 Teaching students off grade level (up and down)     What's that Twitter thing all about? How district vision for instructional technology influences (or not) what occurs in classroom?
 Poe 220 How do you fully implement thematic units? Should there be a standard interpretation of what 21st century learning is?  Should it be left to each individual administrator?     iPad use in the classroom.  What works?  What doesn't?  What apps do you use?  What apps do you need?
  Poe 224 What roles can video games play in the classroom?  What barriers exist and how can we overcome them? Should we expect teachers to be technology experts or curriculum experts? What do you wish college had prepared you for?
 Poe 228     As an administrator, how do you set the culture or mindset for a 21st century learning environment? Grading practices that serve the needs of students, teachers and parents. Strategies for project based learning?
 Poe 529 Great ideas for Common Core implementation?  Supporting teachers?  Keeping them from feeling info-whelmed?     BYOD vs 1:1 Classroom management strategies
 Poe 532     Teaching with pop culture: viral videos, memes, etc As a group pf teachers, how do you an address inappropriately placed or unqualified administration members? How can we best gather and use student input?