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What is it?

Edcamp is a new education movement sweeping the country. It is an "unconference" that takes everything you love about conferences: meeting new people, learning amazing things, and getting excited about education with an easy and free flowing format. It also happens to be FREE!!! You can visit the Edcamp Philly Site and watch this video to learn more.

So, how does it work?

Imagine if a group of educators got together and "crowd sources" a conference? There are no set speakers, no keynotes, no long lectures, just opportunities for discussion and learning. Sessions are not planned until the morning of the event. Want to present? It is as simple as putting your idea up on the discussion board!

How is EdcampNC different?

Edcamps are a great opportunity for local teachers to get together and learn from one another. Since EdcampNC will be located on NC State's campus, why not invite the College of Education's Pre-service teachers and faculty as well! Let's show our pre-service teachers what engaging and relevant professional development can look like, as well as take advantage of some cutting edge ideas coming out of the College of Education - it is a win/win.

To find out more information about the history of edcamps, click on Edutopia: Introduction to Edcamp: A New Conference Model Built on Collaboration.

The Power of "edcamps" and "unconferencing" article from The Washington Post is another good explanation of what you can expect from an edcamp and unconference.